Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cassette Review: Randy Spike "Meat Sounds"

[$3 // Edition of 40 //]

My mind cannot begin to process whether I am either unsure or just don't want to consider what kind of sounds meat makes.   On one hand, this cassette by Randy Spike could have been an audio tour through a butcher shop or slaughterhouse and luckily for all of those involved (Perhaps especially me) it is not.   So right away I can say that I don't think this will offend vegetarians in any form as it's not baconsizzlecore or anything like that, you know, directly related to meat.

"Meat Sounds" begins with heavily distorted rhythms which remind me of Nine Inch Nails' "March of the Pigs", instrumentally.    There are bird chirping type of beeps mixed in and this has become a sort of glitch loop which I really like and seem to find myself wanting to listen to more of lately than anything else.    It's a fast paced adrenaline rush and there is also the sound of crickets or some sort of sharp feedback mixed in with it as well.

Through full on screeching laser frequencies and chugga chugga rhythms there are metal guitar riffs born which come out as a cross between drone and mess up.   Guitar notes also make themselves heard through a certain amount of distorted static and the first side ends with the sound of plugging into an amp (Which part of me still believes has some sort of instrument behind it and the other part believes it just is what it is)

Side B opens up with talking hidden underneath layers of Star Wars-like destruction.   There is a theme of screeching harsh glitch going on and there are also heavily distorted guitar notes mixed with tings here as well.     It's something like the trash room scene in "Star Wars", which I always used to reference but don't as much lately, and then a Samuel L. Jackson audio clip comes on.     As we approach the end my mind sways into thinking this just has an overall trash compactor sound and I'm okay with that.

If you've never heard Randy Spike before, get yourself familiar.   This is soon to be up there with the likes of dreamcrusher and the such and I'm already imagining the splits and collaborations in my head (Spoiler: they're AWESOME).

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