Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: QuiVive // TVPES split

[$4 // Edition of 50 // https://quivive.bandcamp.com/album/quivive-tvpes-split]

This split cassette between QuiVive and TVPES gets one important factor right to me before I even press play and that helps me to realize this is going to be greatness.   As opposed to Side A and Side B (Which I seem to be pointing out a lot lately) this is labeled as "Q" and "T" for the respective artist names.   I remember something similar with the marcjacobsmodel/Tanner Garza split and I do believe every split should be done this way.

I listened to QuiVive first and it had the sound of almost jungle beats to start.   What turned into some instrumental hip hop could have just as easily been electronic of some other nature.   To be fair, the first song did make me think of Hobo Cubes but the rest of the side didn't go that way.     Through Indian sitar type sounds with sort of vocals there came beats and loops and beats and loops.

As much as I wanted to peg QuiVive as something such as chillwave or something that could be the cousin of vaporwave (Because I feel like vaporwave is what happens when hip hop and electronica mess around together) I prefer to think of it as mix-hop (which I may have just coined) as it has that certain amount of soul through the wicky-wicky-wah's.

TVPES is not too far away from the sound of QuiVive in the sense that they are both under the vast hip hop umbrella.     There seems to be a fair amount of electronic music coming out here as well though, which puts this as not the same type of hip hop as QuiVive yet still it could be some subgenre somewhere.

With record scratches and mash ups of music and audio clips TVPES has a bit more audio manipulation than QuiVive but I do like it still.    Saxaphone notes come out eventually and the overall sound to it is just somehow dreamy.   If there was a way to combine dream pop or dreamwave with hip hop then that could be what you get here with TVPES, which is rather amazing.

So if you're looking to expand upon your hip hop collection, in the sense that you want hip hop mixed with something that you might not have heard added in before but just creates this genuine and superb vibe then I must highly recommend this split cassette.

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