Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cassette Review: vision dubbed "Song Purge"

[$5 // https://visiondubbed.bandcamp.com/album/song-purge]

If you are on cassette and have the word "dubbed" in your name, I can only think of dubstep and thus believe you to be electronic although this is quite the opposite of that.   Granted, I should have remembered from when I requested the cassette what genre it was under but at the same time if I'm going to be expected of such things then someone really should take up my offer for an unpaid internship as my assistant.

The reason why my preconceived notions of this cassette are funny is because when it opens there is a distinct electronic sound mixed with 8bit that quickly turns into acoustic rock.  Granted, it doesn't ever seem as if it will fully go electronic as it has more of an infused sound such as Beck, but it was a nice little tease.    When the vocals come in these songs start off as somewhere between bedroom and twee.    There is some sharp feedback but it keeps that blissful rocking feel somehow through it.   After an electric instrumental which I can only compare to Porno For Pyros we get into a banjo laced song that could be Akon/Family if I still listened to them.   Side A ends on another dreamy sort of song that reminds me of Porno For Pyros.

I have somehow pegged the first song on Side B as being a cross between some sort of Hawaiian style rock and Neil Young.    There are also pretty, acoustic folk parts on this side and the songs just have that overall feel to them as such.    The difference between Side A and Side B though (and this is why I love cassettes- because we can somehow draw the lines and make these distinctions) is that while Side A has some influences I can seemingly name more easily, Side B is just a fine example of Vision Dubbed having its own sound.

I'm not going to go so far as to say if you like any of these genres you will like this because I can't just limit it to something as one dimensional as "If you like folk you'll like this" or "If you like bedroom you'll like this".     It's just good music that you should like because you are a fan of not one particular genre but rather just music on the whole.

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