Monday, December 1, 2014

Cassette Review: Raven "Inhuman Conditions" (Diazepam)

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One day, I'm going to sit down with Discogs and figure out just how many releases Raven has, how many I've reviewed and thus own on cassette and then just go from there in hopes of being able to experience them all.   But until then, I'm just going to wait for people to randomly send them to me in the mail because as time would have it, yes, it is better right now for me to just wait for them to come to me.

This cassette opens with distorted static right off.    Side A is named after the title and Side B has its own name so I kind of feel like this is one huge cassingle but I'm not really sure.    There are lasers, like you're the spaceship and you're blasting floating rocks in "Asteroids" (Atari 2600 style)    Through alarm ringing comes Transformers transforming with a certain squeal.    There are spacy whirrs and various glitches but this side just has an all around feel of alarm glitching.

On Side B we have more wind tunnel goodness.    Through bee stings and laser wars we end up with what can only be called electronic glitch.   Now you're probably wondering how the alarm glitch of Side A differs from the electronic glitch of Side B and all I can really say is that you have to listen to it, but also that the glitching on Side A is much more specific and contained to the sense of an alarm where as Side B is more vast as it just covers an electronic field.

In the end, every time I listen to this cassette I want to think of some kind of cool backstory to go with the title.    Like maybe the glitching in the music is a reflection of the glitching in our living conditions because to me "Inhuman Conditions" applies to something like jail or somewhere else that people live but it is seen as unfit.   (Condemned buildings)   I just can't seem to get to that from the music but that's okay it's still fun to make up your own stories about time and space.

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