Monday, December 1, 2014

Cassette Review: kyonpalm "C Y B E R I A"

[$5 //]

Right away I can tell that this one is going to either be vaporwave of seapunk because of the title and as I'm listening to it I can only conclude that it is closer to being vaporwave because it is the type of music I could hear Illuminated Paths releasing on cassette and also a bit of The Editor comes out as well.

Part electronic, part funk, part elevator, part NKOTB beats this is something the 1980's stretch of cassette greatness with a modern twist.   There is singing and that weird speaking as well that you can find in a slowed down manner on other vaporwave releases.   I guess really it does have that electronic artist sound combined with an almost hip hop feel, and that's the closest I can come to understanding vaporwave.

There are also moments when I think this could be on the soundtrack to "Beverly Hills Cop".    At other times I hear this as being the theme to a television show from probably the 1980's but possibly 1990's.    In that way though, I at least establish the general time frame of it, which remains when cassettes were at the highest peak.

Overall this is smooth, easy on the ears and just a part of that electronic genre that spreads out so far over cassettes the way that noise and bedroom do as well.   So if you like music under the wide general banner of "electronic" on cassette then this is perfect for you.   Also, if you've ever listened to anything called vaporwave and liked it you should also hear this because it's like sax on the beach, baby.

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