Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: X Narrative "XN" (Tested Souls)

[$6 // Edition of 100 //]

Footsteps begin knocking.    Hollow air leads into heavy breathing.    We journey into the void of damned souls.      There is a spoken word bit.   Some 8bit synth lines.   Then the singing ala Illegal Wiretaps begins.     X Narrative finds comfort as a cross between The Church and Xiu Xiu and I'm definitely feeling it.    This is all of that strange and experimental sounds you would hear from Xiu Xiu, yet at the same time it's that rock n roll vibe and punk urgency of The Church.

Random drum beats.   Industrial synth comes in for a somewhat Nine Inch Nails mashup sound.    The beats then begin to pulsate.    The vocals are so powerful they almost become the music.     It's very interesting to listen to at various times because one time through you should just focus on the musical aspects of it and at another run through you should focus on the vocals and have the music as part of the background, an afterthought if you will.    It creates a sound that so many one dimensional musicians lack these days and I'm definitely enjoying it more than anything I hear on the radio.

Side B is similar to A and only reinforces my beliefs about the power of this sound.  There is some drone hum and at the end some modem noise comes through but for the most part this is just something that needs to be listened to at least three times through to be fully experienced.   It is just that good and as much as music can be straight forward and so much on the surface, X Narrative goes even deeper.

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