Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: Graveyard Wanderers "Night Shifting"

With the name Graveyard Wanderers I imagine this music to have some feel of horror to it, but then I ask myself why.   Graveyards aren't really scary, despite their perceptions by drunk adolescents, but rather places for the dead to be buried.    So it makes more sense in ways for this to sound like someone in mourning or at least someone who has suffered a great tragedy as to have lost so many people in their life that they wander around graveyards.   I don't know, maybe it has some sort of psychic/medium connection or maybe I'm just reading too much into the name.

Side A begins with electro synth Transformers clank loops.   The chills begin to come out right after that though and you do get that vibe of being in a graveyard when it's dark.   This could easily be on the soundtrack to "Run Lola Run" and the starts and stops commence.   Bass drum kicks take us into the sound of a militant march.    Now there are the ins and outs of synth with a steady knocking beat which does manage to give off a pretty good horror vibe.

On the flip side we have expanding synth to kick things off and that turns into sonic booms.    Mechanical drum beats ala "Head Like a Hole" era Nine Inch Nails come out next and as much as Side A could be called electro this side is much more closely related to the industrial side of things.    Through Darth Vader waves the synth begins to crackle in a way similar to early Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson.    Somehow in this static I can hear "The Fragile" coming out.

If I was going to strictly compare this with Nine Inch Nails (which would be a huge disservice to it) I would say that given the two different aspects between Side A and Side B would have me wanting to place this along something like the "Lost Highway" soundtrack but in any case it is closer to the electro side of things overall.   I definitely like it and feel it could best be listened to in the wee hours of the night.

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