Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: Little Things Break "Burning David Ferrie Airlines / Air Boom Phenomenon"

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Little Things Break along with Room-filling Sounds have released two albums on one cassette, one per side and this isn't really unheard of and in a lot of ways I feel like it's something more artists should consider doing.   I'm not sure how the thought process goes into this in terms of time limits but that's not really something I'm going to get too involved in anyway (That would be to say why not release two cassettes on two C30s rather than two albums on one C60 but I'm not the artist/label/etc.)

"Burning David Ferrie Airlines" is the first of these two pieces and I feel that they are connected if only because they both have "air" in the title and thus could be that sort of title in shorthand (The "air" albums or something) and what you find with this is it is a guitar based sound that I've heard maybe less than a handful of times before and so it's not really something I feel a lot of artists are doing and in that way to have maybe three different people doing it (I can only really think of two others off the top of my head) makes it that much more special on an artist by artist basis.

Somewhere between the fine tuning and rattling we have the sound of what can be only described as a classical guitar symphony.    I have the Garage Band app on my phone and my son (and I for that matter) will sometimes open the guitar and just start playing notes randomly and it comes out like such a mess but that isn't how this sounds at all.    The person orchestrating this instrument clearly has a thought process behind it and is also just seemingly better trained on the guitar as well.    It's either school or just a natural talent you cannot teach but in either case the delivery is much more deliberate than I or any number of people I assume could replicate.

As Side B begins another album you can tell right away the distinction with "Air Boom Phenomenon" and I find myself at a loss for words other than to say that the distorted guitar sound that comes out right away does sound like guitar booms.    It continues on in the pattern of distortion with pieces that are plucked at certain times, the feel of detonating a bomb, and then sometimes they just seem to ride out in waves which could visibly be compared with the destruction and impact of a nuclear bomb.

(I'd say my idea of taking this nuclear comes from watching the 2014 version of "Godzilla" last night, but Godzilla in some form or another is seemingly always on my mind so I probably would have went there regardless)

When I listen to split cassettes I like to think of them as either being similar or different on some scale and I do find these pieces to be somewhat complimentary of each other yet if you told me they were two different artists I'd also be inclined to believe you.   They are just that good and either could stand so well on its own, so for them to be bound is a treat.

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