Monday, November 24, 2014

Cassette Review: Cursory with Bryan Lewis Saunders "LOWER dæmons" (My Dance The Skull)

This cassette is rather strange because it says it is a collaboration between Cursory and Bryan Lewis Saunders, as the notes state Saunders has the vocals and Cursory does the rest.   Yet the entire Side A has no vocals on it from best I can tell, but I'm not entirely sure the cassette is playing properly because it had a few false starts.  (It'd play for less than a minute and then stop as if it had reached the end.   I'd switch it out with another cassette just to prove my player was fine)   After I got it to play through in full several times, only a buzzing with crackling static could be heard.

There is this one moment where it kind of slips up, as if it skips, on Side A but otherwise the pattern holds and it just has that wind tunnel/bug zapper feel that I know I've heard entire cassettes dedicated to before.   It is quite good for what it is- as far as Side A goes- but I just can't help but wonder, where are the vocals?

Side B is when they come through some more static sounds.    I'm not sure how to describe the vocals but they're not really singing nor do they really seem to be of this world.    The static is modem-like which brings forth the notion of this being closely related to glitch and that seems to fit with the vocals that much more.

While I may have used this comparison before it is none more fitting than now to say that this literally sounds as if whoever is speaking these words on Side B (which is Bryan Lewis Saunders) is trapped inside this cassette.   It's not quite the movie "Pulse" and it's not quite the movie "White Noise", but it is sort of freaking me out.

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