Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cassette Review: Featherface "Make U Mine"

[$5 //]

Back when I lived in Houston, Featherface was one of my favorite bands and even though I don't live there anymore I still consider them to be one of my favorite bands so when they put out new music I always want to hear it.    The fact that they released a new single on cassette just makes it that much cooler to me because, well, obviously I love cassettes.     (For the Record: Any other Houston band who might want to release a cassette, I will gladly buy it and review it.    I'm looking at you, Bang Bangz)

This is a throwback to really what cassingles used to be, as the title track is an old original recording on the flip side and that's definitely killer.   I've been in love with Featherface for years and if you've never heard them before this power rocking song that channels the likes of Tom Petty, Springsteen and probably someone modern I don't listen to will get you into them.

My advice is to buy this cassingle whether or not you are a fan of Featherface because if you are not, you will be.    Also, it came with a sticker signed by the band which for some reason I thought was pretty neat.

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