Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cassette Review: Adam Wood "Hang On"

[€6 // Edition of 100 //]

In rock n roll these days there are far too many gimmicks.   In fact, I'd be likely to say that there are so many gimmicks in rock n roll right now that having a gimmick isn't even really a gimmick anymore because it's become so common.   You never hear music anymore and say, "This is rock n roll" without adding an "and..." or "but..."    It always has to have something to make it not just rock n roll.     But then, I listened to "Hang On" by Adam Wood and realized that rock n roll was in fact still alive.    This cassette is full of rock n roll.   Period.   There is no "It is full of rock n roll and crazy band members married to pseudo celebrities" or whatever passes for music these days at them major labels.    This is rock n roll.

There is an urgency to the music right off that reminds me of the Vines perhaps, but overall it just has this feel of the Damn Personals (one of my favorite all-time bands) mixed with that good old highway driving sound of Steppenwolf.   There could also be a little Jack White thrown in here for good measure and that's okay as well.

Through killer guitar solos, hints of Bon Jovi and Two Gallants, and what I just like to think of as a good version of Ok Go, Adam Wood reminds us what rock n roll music used to sound like, could sound like again if we just dropped all of the bullshit and mainly just what rock n roll should sound like on a whole.

I also really enjoy the lyrics in here.   "Happiness just makes me sad" is something everyone should have written down somewhere to pontificate upon at some point in their lifetime.    This is just pure rock n roll, right down to those lyrics, and I love it.

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