Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cassette Review: ATTEMPT "Another Night" b/w "Up to No Good"

[$5 // Edition of 50 //]

Once again a sort of SBSR for a traditional cassingle.   This should be the second ATTEMPT review you're reading here and if it's not then go back and read the other one first.  Unless you're into the whole prequel/nonlinear thing I guess.

Side A is "Another Night" and it begins with drum machine beats and then some singing type of synth.   I'm hearing the '80's right off and this could also be synthwave on some modern level though.     The vocals come in and I hear "Hold Me Now" mixed with "Hungry Like the Wolf", which is a pretty good blend.    This is a great moving song, such as if you want to drive long distances and feel like eventually you're going to take off and fly into space.    We're in a flurry of cymbals, laser synth and he's just belting out the title now.   I feel like "Another Night" is a movie from the 1980's, possibly early 1990's, and this is the title song from the soundtrack to it.   I'm not sure what the movie is about, but it needs to have Corey Feldman in it on some wild adventures and then at the end he looks to his best friend/girlfriend/whoever and says, "Yup, just another night".    (I could've written movies in the '80's dammit!!)

Side B is "Up to No Good" and I like the idea of the title as it is mischevious.   Instead, this is starting slower, with guitar notes and vocals belted out.    I can't be the only one hearing "Stairway to Heaven" in this, but it is still making me want it to kick in heavy and just flat rock out.   Now we're picking up the tempo a bit after the line "No one ever said it'd be a walk in the park".   For some reason I want to compare this with Flaming Lips but it mostly wants me to go back to a time before the 1980's even so I don't know what to think.   Was that a xylophone?   Regardless of what it can compare to, these are just beautiful guitar progressions.   And it ends on those sweet guitar notes, which only seems appropriate.

So unlike the first ATTEMPT cassingle, these two songs are quite different from each other and also from the previous two as well.   Still, I can't imagine listening to one of the two cassingles without the other and as such these are four essential songs you need to listen to back to back to back to back and, well, just overall appreciate the music talents of ATTEMPT.

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