Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cassette Review: ATTEMPT "All Over the News" b/w "Hawaiian Ice"

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Since this is packaged even like a cassingle I will review it as a SBSR, which really doesn't differ too much from my usual writing about each side it just so happens this time that each side is a single song and I will address it as such.

Side A is "All Over the News" and it's a funky sort of jam with soul.   It has a 1980's backdrop to it that I like and it is what I cleverly like to call "heavy sax" and if you get the pun then bonus points for you.    There is an apparent drum machine and it also just overall has a certain vibe to it that makes you want to listen to it.   it's not quite party music but it is somewhat catchy and the whole thing about it being time to move on does get stuck in my head.    From the Steve Miller Band to a James Bond theme this is a solid song and just overall great introduction to ATTEMPT for me.

Side B is "Hawaiian Ice" and it starts off with that same funk but these sort of "She Blinded Me With Science" synth riffs that are somewhat robotic.  Oddly, it begins with the same lyrics of "Now that it's gone it's time to move on", which is how the first song on Side A left off.   This could be anywhere between The Police and Kool & the Gang.   I feel like from verse to chorus the style can change, but it also just seems to change ever so slightly even more times within single lines of the song and I just like that diversity of it, where it just mixes it up so well.   "You Spin Me Right 'Round" is now mixed with something more modern in the sense of an '80's throwback band.    "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack would be lucky to have this on it and, yeah, you should totally request the DJ to play this at your next wedding.   A little hint of Duran Duran as well.

These two songs do share a theme and both are fairly dancy and catchy so if you don't enjoy them then there is just something wrong with you.

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