Friday, November 7, 2014

Cartoon Review: Over the Garden Wall "The Ringing of the Bell / Babes in the Woods"

These two pieces in the "Over the Garden Wall" puzzle remind me of a cross between anime and Tex Avery.   The first of the two is closer to anime, especially the Aunty Whispers character, as it reminds me of something out of "Ponyo", yet to have this idea that Tex Avery is the past and anime can be futuristic the mixture of the two is rather amazing.

We rejoin Wirt and Greg with a frog who may or may not be George Washington (Greg calls him "Greg Jr." among other names) and they have separated from Beatrice.   As the rain falls, they find shelter in what they believe to be an abandoned cabin.    Here they meet a girl about Wirt's age who is seemingly trying to protect them from Aunty Whispers however the reverse ends up being true and this girl has the demon in her.   She is commanded by a bell and Wirt banishes the demon from her in a page out of John Constantine's playbook.    You have to wonder why Aunty Whispers never thought to do that before but at the same time you get the sense that Aunty Whispers cares for this girl and protecting society from her is sort of Aunty Whispers burden so without it she wouldn't be who she is.     And yes, I realize that it is somewhat funny to recognize that type of character depth inside of a half hour cartoon (Though this is only half of it, so what, eleven or twelve minutes?) and yet all of the horror movies seemingly ever made have never had me investing in the alleged "victims" but rather made me want to see Leatherface and Victor Crowley destroy them all.  

Side Bar:  All I really want to see one day is a horror movie that features a protagonist you don't want to see die.    But that's going to be very hard to pull off because most of the Hollywood actors out there could take a slashing with no remorse from me.

As Wirt and Greg leave the cabin and turn into the next part Wirt says he should have never been in charge and puts Greg in charge while taking a nap.   (That totally feels like a scene out of an anime to me)   Greg then decides to take a nap as well and goes into full on song and dance mode Tex Avery type dream state where he has some saving to do and makes a deal with a figure he thinks is good but finds out when he awakes is actually bad.     The beast we've been warned about since day one has seemingly captured Greg and Wirt awakes to find this and a returning Beatrice as part eight comes to its end.

Somebody said something about Adelaide still being out there, but for the next two parts I can only imagine we see Wirt and Beatrice in a quest to reclaim Greg from the beast.   It's just strange because saving Greg now seems to be the temporary problem but once that happens it seems like it would still take Wirt and Greg back to where they were at the beginning of these two parts.    I refuse to believe that this is going to end tonight not because I selfishly do not want it to but because I just don't see a way out of this without going deus ex machina and I've put enough faith into this series to not go down that path.

Also, as I am a big fan of action figures I do believe this series has already generated enough interest for there to be a set of Wirt, Greg, Beatrice and George Washington.    I'm not sure who handles the Cartoon Network toys or anything of that nature, but someone needs to seriously get on this.

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