Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cartoon Review: Over the Garden Wall "Mad Love / Lullaby in Frogland"

If you were having doubts about this show resembling classic cartoons, then let the main characters take you on a journey to a boat which is full of frogs who wear clothes and reminds me of some cross between "Steamboat Willie" and Mr. Toad of "Wind in the Willows".   But I'm getting ahead of myself because that's the second part of this installment and there is still much to be discussed in the first.

"Mad Love" begins with our trio and their horse Fred sitting at a table with an older man who is named Endicott and they are pretending to be related to him so that they can try and get money.   In one of the best exchanges on this show thus far, Beatrice points out that they stole the horse so they should steal money from Endicott.   Wirt says that the horse can talk and so he came of free will not theft.   To this, Fred the Horse (who is voiced by the always fun Fred Stoller) says he wants to steal.

While Greg, Fred and Endicott walk the mansion looking for a ghost, Beatrice and Wirt look around for money and Beatrice reveals that they only need two cents to take the ferry.    It is in this time together that Beatrice reveals to Wirt that not only did she used to be a real girl but her entire family was turned to birds and her quest is to fix that.    She then asks Wirt to give up some dirt but he mostly comes back that he plays the clarinet and reads poetry to himself.

Ultimately, Greg, Fred and Endicott find that the ghost is a real person and the two mansions were so big that they were actually connected.    Endicott gives Greg a penny for his helping and so does the lady, which gives them enough money to ride the ferry but then Greg throws the money into a wishing well and we're back to where we started.

Fred the Horse decides to stay behind, with Endicott, and so Wirt, Greg, Beatrice and George Washington the Frog sneak onto a ferry and are chased around by the frog police.   In order to hide themselves, they dress up as a giant frog man and join the band.   This leads to George Washington singing and his song has the line "Over the Garden Wall" in it, which just couldn't come at a more perfect time.    Beatrice says they're being chased because they didn't pay to ride the ferry, but I kind of felt like they were being chased because George Washington was naked.   In any case, as Wirt, Greg and Beatrice leave this time George Washington stays behind as he is offered a record contract and I fully expect to see those songs on Bandcamp one morning.

As they approach Adelaide's house, which was their destination this whole time, Wirt admits about how he liked a girl and so in some ways the people at the tavern were right about that but he is more of The Pilgrim now, is he not?   Beatrice goes into Adelaide's house first and it is implied that she was bringing Wirt and Greg there will ill intent but to help set her family and herself free.    Beatrice offers herself up in place of Wirt and Greg, but before Adelaide can cut her wings to turn her human again, Wirt and Greg enter and are caught.   Beatrice shines the natural light on Adelaide, which reduces her to dust, and as Wirt and Greg leave Beatrice is left apologizing.

This leaves a lot up in the air with only four installments left.   The clip they showed for "next time" had the return of George Washington so I am curious to see how that happens, but mostly their journey seemed to be leading them to Adelaide and now I can only wonder where they go from here.    7pm tonight simply cannot come fast enough.

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