Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Static/Voice/Static “Mary-Kate Was My Lover” (Captain Crook Records)

            Every time I listen to a new cassette by Static/Voice/Static I am always amazed that it has that same sort of vibe which means SVS is carving its own niche in music, yet there has never really been two quite the same.   As I review more and more cassettes by Static/Voice/Static (who are quickly becoming probably the single artist I have reviewed the most cassettes by) I always think about these things.

            You see, the challenge in reviewing a cassette by a band that you’ve already reviewed before is you’re basically saying, ‘Okay, I wrote pretty much all that I could about this band last time, so what else can I say this time?   What new ideas can I bring to the table for this review?”   That makes it challenging- for me at least- to review a second piece of music from the same artist.

            Now imagine going through and doing that however many times over this is for me and reviewing Static/Voice/Static.   Seriously, if I was reviewing Flaming Lips from day one at some point before now I would have just said “It’s the Flaming Lips, of course it’s good!!”   It doesn’t help matters at all that SVS releases limited edition cassettes that usually sell out before I write these reviews and post them so you’re typically stuck with downloads anyway.

            While the presence of something that sounds like female vocals on here can bring to mind the titular character, I prefer to think more about it as being closer related to “May I Always Love You”, which was one of my favorites.    Through the ambience and celestial sounds this can be Transformers-like as well as channel Illegal Wiretaps.  

            There are lightsabers and pained static, which on the whole makes me think this would be a great Ghost in the Machine type of piece.   It’s really just about technology shaping itself to more closely resemble humanity, right?   Because I’m pretty sure the Olsen Twins are both plastic anyway.  

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