Monday, October 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stars Are Insane “When We Last Met” (Almost Halloween Time Records)

                Being that I’m not as sure what to expect from Stars Are Insane on a release by release basis, I have found that it is simply best to just listen to the music and then go from there.   “When We Last Met” is four songs that are best left to being listened to one by one, though they do form an overall collected feel that leaves you pleased as well.

                The first song is full of static and also just some piano notes.   It is instrumental, and then gives way to another instrumental number filled with static that instead seemingly replaces the piano with guitar notes ala Hendrix.   There are also other slight sounds found within here such as guitar string scratches and by the end of the second song/first side we have a hint of vocals.

                The flip side kicks off with what sounds like old western times piano and then it goes into an acoustic vibe song with vocals that is slower and can be related to maybe Foo Fighters if not previous Stars Are Insane songs.    The final song is kind of similar in nature to an instrumental Stars Are Insane song, as it has that lo-fi FNL vibe and is seemingly driven by guitar notes.
                The way that these songs flow is really what makes “When We Last Met” so amazing.  The first transitions to the second as the piano becomes the guitar.   Slight vocals at the end of the second song give way to the full out vocals on the third song.   And then the third song is seemingly stripped of the vocals to create the fourth song.    In an interesting bit of fun, if you removed the guitar notes from the last song and replaced them with piano ideas we might just be able to come full circle here.


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