Monday, October 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: I Kill Cameron “The Better Half” (Almost Halloween Time Records)

                With this particular Almost Halloween Time Records cassette, I actually am probably going to try and put the artwork for it in a frame and up on my wall.    I really feel like this one especially needs to be there.   When I was bigger into folk punk, I had heard of I Kill Cameron, I just haven’t really heard this music in a while as I’ve not been searching the “folk punk” tag on Bandcamp as much as I perhaps used to.

                The thing about I Kill Cameron is that as innocent as this music sounds and might seem at times, it also has an edge to it that can be filled with such anger.   It reminds me of that one psycho ex-girlfriend we have all probably had who will be ready to stab you with a kitchen knife one moment and then laughing their ass off the next.

                For wrestling fans, this is the folk punk version of AJ Lee.

                One song does actually end with laughter and it does sound somewhat maniacal to me.   In another song, she stops singing and says she messed up and wants to start over.   It isn’t so much a reflection of the raw nature of the recording so much as the… umm… unstable qualities of the artist. 

                Let me say this about the music of I Kill Cameron and it will reflect my feelings of the artist on the whole.   This is really good and I enjoy it immensely.  I wish this young woman was my friend.   But at the same time, she just does NOT seem like someone you ever want to be on the bad side of and I rarely say that of people. 


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