Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cassette Review: Raven "Give Blood for Oil" (Centipede Farm)

Throughout my time spent listening to Raven I always knew that the music was of a darker and brooding sense, but i guess I didn't really fully understand how dark it could get until now.   I understand that there is a genre for harsh noise, but to me harsh noise has always been about being in your face and kind of like slashing at something.   It's that serial killer scene in a movie or just watching one guy beat the shit out of another and they call it "UFC".

With some static this can sound like like Jay Gambit or the instrumental Nine Inch Nails numbers from "The Fragile", but the darkness needs to be explored more than the light.   It's not something I really have a point of comparison for because I don't feel like the music of anyone else gets quite this dark or at least not in this way.

There are a number of artists that I won't name (But I won't review them so it doesn't matter anyway) who think wearing black eyeliner makes them dark and when you hear their music you can see right through the facade.   Raven creates a genuine mood of darkness and despair which is so hard to do because generally that relates to people wanting to leave the room and yet I am drawn to this.

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