Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cassette Review: Moulttrigger "Anode" (Centipede Farm)

One of my first notes about "Anode" is that it is a laser glitch symphony and I do feel as if that holds true throughout the entire cassette.  I also feel that it helps to set the general pace for what is to come, as I am in full on "review everything I can by Moulttrigger" mode.

Through Prodigy type beats the sounds are more of waves than loops.   It is truly industrial strength with some high pitched notes for good measure.   A little 8bit, there are also static beep glitches which remind me of a broken video game.    It goes do-doot (Which is probably the most intelligent review note I've ever made) and becomes melodic before ending the first side as what I like to call Pong on crack with screeches.

Side B opens with an 8bit glitch loop and then mumbled speaking.   For some reason, it really reminds me of the movie "Dune".   There is bubbly bongwater type static and then we enter the wind tunnel.   Video game lasers take us into a quieter place where static skips.   The sounds develop into that of almost heavy breathing and then they grow, fade and then come back.    It has that NIN "Wish" quality to it in that way.

I've downloaded a lot of Moulttrigger music but apparently the only review I have posted is for the cassette that came after this, "Gamme Majeur".   So even though this may seem like my second review for Moulttrigger I have at least been listening to other various releases in between plans to do digital review and scrapping all digital reviews.    Saying you should own this cassette would be an understatement.

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