Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Poppenheimer “Karmageddon” (Outer Realms)

            This cassette has no real indication on it that it is called “Karmageddon” or that it is by Poppenheimer.  The only distinguishing feature on the actual cassette and artwork itself is the label of Outer Realms and so that kind of had me thinking what would happen if you didn’t have an internet to fall back on for reference?

            “Karmageddon” begins with “Jaws” type sounds, which are present throughout almost the entire cassette here and there.  Electric guitar notes are played through distortion as chords are strummed and seemingly banged out in chaos.  It may not begin as harsh noise, but it certainly becomes it.   Oh yes, I can feel the anger in this one.

            Somewhere in between JML and I Like You, Go Home there is the back and forth of the static void and eventual distorted screams as well.  I recall the album by Norma Jean where the title and song titles were all words mixed together to form something completely different and much more brutal sounding.   Given that, I had ideas that this would be heavy going in but not like this.

            Poppenheimer (You might think it’s pop, but you’d be fooled by the man who created the atomic bomb) takes you on a boxing match with music and you’re losing every round.   Your corner man might throw the towel in and show you a little bit of mercy, but he’s getting his ass kicked too.   So won’t you come and get your ass kicked with Poppenheimer and me?

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