Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: 1)3\/1532 “Control”

            If you can settle on the number two looking like the letter “r” then you can simply look at this name and say it as “Deviser”, though that is also very well implied by the Bandcamp location.    Nonetheless, I do enjoy the fact that in order to type the name of this artist as I look at the keyboard because it is not a common string of letters and numbers.

            “Control” begins with distorted type of noise.   It’s feedback drone at its finest and it somehow has this grinding quality to it but only in a minimal way.   There are sonar blips and on the whole the first side of this cassette really reminds me of something I might hear from Static/Voice/Static and I am completely fine with that.

            Side B begins with a muted electric hair trimmer buzz.   There is a cranking siren that goes round and around for a while.  This is sharp and high pitched, and as such it sends the neighborhood dogs packing.   There are hollow loops and all of a sudden it comes to a screeching, grinding halt.  Though this time it is a different sort of grinding than was on Side A.

            Somewhere between ambient drone and minimalistic electronic is where you will find 1)3\/1532 and that somehow also creates noise just because the result is sometimes not appealing to all ears, though mine have grown used to it by far.  

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