Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cassette Review: France Camp "France Camp" (Forged Artifacts)


As the hands of fate would have it, I began listening to music on Forged Artifacts when they released Observer Drift on vinyl.   I wasn't really as aware of them back then as I am even now and so I didn't really know that this cassette existed and when I reviewed Baked I thought it was their first cassette release.   Then of course Some Pulp came after along with the other newer ones that I bought at the same time as this.

In that sense, this is kind of like the lost cassette of Forged Artifacts for me, and in fact I only was made aware of it by a Facebook post saying that only a small amount of copies remained.  (Just a note: When I copied the Bandcamp link for this review there was only one left, so I can only assume by the time that this review gets posted they will be all gone.)

France Camp is rock n roll punk.   They are The Vines, Hunx and Tora Tora Torrance all rolled into one.  Hints come out between Blink 182 (the guitar note structures), Buddy Holly and High Pop.   Elvis Presley pokes his head into the mix as I can hear relations to songs from "Fell in Love with a Girl" to "Spin the Black Circle".   It gets a little bit western and then it gets a little bit dreamy.

The best way to describe this is simply as loud.   I can hear some River City Rebels in here and that's never a bad thing either, but this is just one to play as loudly as you can and just try not to blow your speakers.   But if you do happen to blow your speakers, it will totally be worth it.

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