Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cassette Review: Brother JT "Lo Bias Hi Noise" (Summersteps Records)

[$6 // Edition of 100 //]] 

As per the linear notes "Lo Bias Hi Noise" is a collection of songs by Brother JT from the mid to late 1990s and that is one of the darker times for cassettes because compact discs were moving into play.    That 1990s rock influence of not quite grunge does come through nicely here though.

The cassette begins with an electric mess and then follows with songs that are more closely related to Soul Asylum.  There are some hints of garage such as Supergrass but then on "Coca Cola" there seems to be an accordian and I can hear some Daniel Johnston coming through.   The song right after that has rapid fire lyrics so I'm thinking of Suicidal Tendencies.   This isn't afraid to be instrumental either and when it is the results can be rather dreamy.

Side B has a more distinctive Neil Young slash Bob Dylan slash Tom Petty sound to it even though it does also keep that general Soul Asylum base.   There are slower Phil Collins sounding bits on "Sweden" and the cassette on a whole ends with an absolutely psychedelic flurry.  

Brother JT (who may or may not be from the ABC series "Step by Step") has points of Buddy Holly on here as well, but for the most part this has the sound where it would have fit in like a glove with the "Singles" soundtrack.   That is never really a bad point for me and shouldn't be for anyone else either.  

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