Thursday, September 4, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Vehicle Blues “Luke Song” (Lake Paradise Records)

                When I was first introduced to Vehicle Blues via Juniper Tree Songs, my first thought was how perfect it sounded on cassette.   I also made mention of female vocals, which I had to be corrected on because they are just higher pitched male vocals, but still, this brought me to a whole other world of cassettes where Gabe Holcombe (The force behind Vehicle Blues) even has a cassette based label. 

                It isn’t uncommon for the worlds of cassettes and records to intertwine, though I assume more of the record snobs would say “Eww cassettes” if one of their beloved bands was to release something on cassette instead of vinyl.    For all of the artists out there though that have been on multiple cassette releases over the years, appearing on vinyl is kind of a privilege in some ways and when you have a bunch of cassettes you’re more willing to buy the vinyl  (As opposed to someone who has a bunch of records and thus won’t be as willing to buy a cassette)

                For me, music transcends the medium a lot of times.   Good music is good no matter what you play it on, while shitty music remains terrible even if you put it on your most favorite and superior form of musical playback.    So if you know that Vehicle Blues is good and you like them on cassette, then this is sure to please you and it will serve as three more excellent songs to add to your collection.

                I’m not going to say that I would have preferred to see “Luke Song” on cassette over record simply because I have this small record collection only because it is what I like to think of as being sort of elite.  I only get records that I really like and mainly also they are based upon bands that I already have cassettes of at that.    So if I’m going to get a record, yes, Vehicle Blues is a great choice.

                Additionally, the titular track brings out chords that remind me of Sheryl Crow, though I no longer can hear female vocals within the fuzz laced melodies. 

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