Thursday, September 4, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Nearly Dead “Nearly Dead” (Geriatric Records)

                This is some distorted heavy metal that borders on punk rock and can often times have spoken words as the lyrics instead of singing.    On the plainest of levels, it sounds like Motorhead and not just because of the vocals or music that accompany them but rather a combination of the two.   In other realms of metal, it can also channel the almighty Pantera, which I also dig.

                Some of the lyrics (like about blood coming out of your penis) remind me of GG Allin, and that’s okay with me as well as I’m pretty used to hearing things of that nature and what is more so is that nothing really grosses me out any more.  (Hey, the color of this record is urine yellow and the covers suggests as much)

                While this is at a name your price download, it is best heard on vinyl if only because of the exact quality that would bring out as opposed to whatever you have your computer/iPhone/Tablet/etc. hooked up to in terms of speakers/Beats by Dre/earbuds/etc.     Unless of course you already own a piss yellow colored record, in which case you can now have two. 

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