Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: U Sco "Nest" (New Atlantis Recordings)

            When “Nest” first begins, it has a heavy, distorted sort of rock quality to it.  It makes me think of a band like Thursday, Thrice or even At-The-Drive-In, only in an instrumental sense.  There are bits of sharp feedback and though it maintains that essential feel throughout its entirety, there are some alterations here and there.

            From what I would consider to be a mix of post punk and hardcore, this takes an interesting turn to a faster paced post rock thrash that comes off a little bit more like a Local H sludgefest.   The complexities of Primus make themselves known and I’m reaching for that math rock comparison.   Jimmie’s Chicken Shack also just comes out as one of those bands that does a lot within the genre of “rock” and that’s what I’m hearing here, albeit instrumentally. 

            By the end, the cassette grows quieter.   Horns enter and they make their way known through a struggling verse that I can only think to call broke down jazz, but that doesn’t in any way diminish the quality of it.    Through moments of classic rock this is just an all around great rock album and as I can remember listening to some of the best on cassette this just fits in perfectly.  

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