Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Height with FRIENDS “10,000 Devastating Watts” (Illuminated Paths)

            One of the first things that I noticed about this cassette is that it doesn’t look like it was recorded over someone else’s homemade cassette from back in the day.   Although the more professional quality of this stands, I can’t help but miss the fact that this could have been dubbed over someone’s “Greatest Michael Jackson Jams” or whatever.

            This is quite possibly one of the best examples of old school rap that I have ever heard.   From “Parents Just Don’t Understand” era Fresh Prince to Kool & the Gang to Grand Masta Flash, this just exhumes all sorts of qualities of a rap album from the 1980’s or into the early 1990’s.   There are some definite NKOTB beats and even robot noises at one point, so this really feels like it’s straight out of the ‘80’s. 

            Whether it be out of your boombox speakers (You know the kind) or just simply filling an arena for the weekly Thursday night rollerskating, Height with FRIENDS takes me back to an era I was too young to truly remember but have parents and other relatives to help piece together for me.   This would fit in with all of that quite well.  

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