Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Fish Breath S/T (Hair Growth Records)

            Although this is a self-titled cassette, it needs to be noted that Side A is called “Anger” while Side B is called “Bliss” and each side contains multiple songs, so in some ways you could think of this as a double EP if you really wanted to give it names, but let’s hold off on that notion for now.

            Side A is “Anger” and you can tell that without even knowing what the linear notes said.  The first song has this indie rock vibe like The Benjamins or even possibly Weezer, but then it becomes more heavily distorted and instrumental.  When the vocals return, they are screaming and I can hear something like mewithoutYou as well as a sort of indie hardcore band. 

            On the flip side, it gets a little bit quieter.   Things slow down and you can tell that it has shifted from anger to bliss.   It reminds me of The Beatles on some levels, but also I Kill Giants.   It has that overall distorted ringing tone to it of Hum as well, and I’m really digging that. 

            Don’t be fooled by the idea of bliss though.   This might seem to be tame on the second side, but it still has some heavy qualities to it and though it doesn’t have the same screaming it can be just as hard.   This is somewhere between an older hardcore band (from the label mewithoutYou was on prior to Tooth & Nail) and a newer hardcore band in the vein of Old Grey, You’ll Live, I Kill Giants, lovechild, etc.  

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