Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: DOROSOTO “Maxtoon Physics” (Illuminated Paths)

            I’m sure that vaporwave has its subgenres like anyone else does and this fits into one of those, but instead of exploring those as much as I probably should I’m just going to tell you what I hear.  I am especially doing this because I don’t really like genre tags anyway (Though they can sometimes make life easier) and for all I know this might not even be true vaporwave.

            When this begins, there are beats and dance synth.   It’s like the soundtrack of some movie from the 1980’s or 1990’s and I know that I usually reference cop movies and Beverly Hills Cop seems to always come up for me, but for some reason when I was listening to this once the first movie that popped into my head was actually “Class Act”, a great yet forgotten film where Kid N Play switch roles in high school even though they’re in their thirties. 

            Oh, and with all of these beats you can dance to comes a certain amount of phunk.   Why do I spell it with the “ph” instead of an “f”?  I’m not sure.   I had a dream and George Clinton told me to spell it with the “ph” because that’s how it sounds.   I didn’t understand why he told me that, so when I woke up I emailed his publicist who said he was unavailable for comment.   Damn.

            Side B begins like this: ding ding ding ding / bom bom bom.   Have you ever heard something do that?   Can you tell that as a writer one of my biggest influences is Dr. Seuss?  I’ll borrow from his style once in a while if it can help me to make my point and in this case it just so happens that it does.  

            Slower, more specific and deliberate tones come out to play as well before we reach the inevitable end which has some strange vocals in it and just makes me think for a brief moment that I’m listening to Pink Floyd.   Regardless, man, this is one to dance to and then perhaps one to reflect to before it’s all said and done.   Or just dance, I don’t care.  

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