Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Die Faster “Turn to Ash”

            Based upon the band name, the font used and a number of other factors, yeah I kind of knew going into this it would be some form of hardcore.   I tend not to pay attention to the Bandcamp tags as much, and while this could have been harsh noise or the such I just knew that it was going to be hardcore and it in no way disappointed. 

            What begins in a fast and in your face manner can sound like Sick Of It All, but the crunchy guitar chords and prominent bass lines throughout remind me more later on of Reach the Sky and/or Bane, which are a funny pairing because the two seemed to tour together a lot.   In fact, the first time I interviewed Reach the Sky back in the earlier days they were playing a show with Bane. 

            As if the hardcore style of punk is not enough for you, then you also can get back to a time when lyrics actually meant something.   These aren’t just lines strung together to form what look like cute little songs but rather they have meaning and for the first time since maybe Shai Hulud got back together for the second or third time I have found lyrics worth quoting from a hardcore band.

            A line as simple as “We are not our weakest moments” can really weigh deeply on you.   I’m not sure whether posicore is still a thing or not (Where are Good Clean Fun when you need them most?) but if it is, Die Faster should be in that category as well despite their name indicating the opposite effect.    That being said, I also really do like this band name as we are all dying it’s just that some of us due to the choices we make are getting there faster than others.  

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