Friday, August 1, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Casper & the Cookies “Dingbats” (Wild Kindess Records / Stuff Records)

                I recall listening to “Oh!” by Casper & the Cookies, which was released back in 2004 and it was one of my favorite CDs back then.    Between that- which was their first release- and “Dingbats”, their newest release- there have been four other releases which I really didn’t know about and am surprised to be finding out about now as I look at their Bandcamp page.

                Still, the last official Casper & the Cookies album seems to be from 2009, a modest five years ago, so apparently they aren’t that band releasing music every year or seemingly too often anyway.  

                The first thing I noticed about “Dingbats” is that the titular song is about drug facts.  Don’t you find drug facts to be ever so funny?  I’ve often joked with my doctor about it.   They put you on these drugs for one thing that’s wrong with you, but then you have the side effects (or potential side effects, as doctor’s like to cover the legalities) all of which seem to be worse somehow than what you’re being treated for, basically.

                This is fun, pop rock that has male and female vocals trading off back and forth.  It reminds me of any number of ska bands from the late 1990’s into early 2000’s, only without the horns.  Such bands include but are not limited to The Hippos, Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish and the Aquabats. 

                If you’re just looking for a record that is a lot of fun and will guarantee you a good time, yet isn’t afraid to touch on the tough social issues, then Casper & the Cookies seem right for you. 

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