Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Cassandra Grace “Glow in the Dark” (Secret Ghost Recordings)

               When “Glow in the Dark” first starts, I cannot tell if I am hearing an audio clip extracted from a movie perhaps or someone actually speaking over the words, but a quick check to the linear notes shows that it is a piece written by the same person who read it, and thus my mind is put a little bit more at ease as I don’t feel like I’m missing some pop culture reference.   

                Cassandra Grace has many sides to her music, and none of them are fake.   From a dreamy acoustic guitar sound to the darker piano keys, the music here manages to cross genres whilst staying at home the entire time.

                There is this sultry feel to the vibe of the songs and especially in their delivery vocally, yet rather than taking a typical crooner stance lyrics like “I have lost you and I don’t care”.    Something like Silversun Pickups comes out at times, while at other times I am reverted back to my old favorite of Polly Scattergood, whom I will never tire of hearing.

                As we near the end of “Glow in the Dark”, a Mazzy Star-like ballad comes out at the eighth spot, and in the final song we get an almost country/folk/home recorded feel.    No lyric you hear this year (or for years to come) might be more powerful than “Love can’t save you” and that is just icing on the cake for this most excellent of cassettes. 

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