Friday, August 1, 2014

[Interview #180] Ghost Noise

RAISED BY GYPSIES: Having a name like Ghost Noise, I imagine you sounding like what a ghost might sound like, which would probably be more of an instrumental ambient sound… but that’s not what you sound like at all. So what does a ghost sound like then? 

GHOST NOISE: We have yet to experience the sound of a specter. We await this haunting moment each night. A candle is always burning.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: When I found your album “This is the Next Part of Your Dream” on Band Camp for free, I was kind of surprised. I have always had this theory though that music should be free to the extent that you can listen to it and determine whether or not you like it before paying money for it. (I used to blindly buy a lot of cassettes and then even CDs in my youth) Based on your “Name Your Price Download” and forthcoming physical releases, do you agree with this? 

GHOST NOISE: Music is always free. It is all around us. It can be heard in the hiss of the eastern wind, the secret utterances of the grey-winged blackbird, or the sound of a door shutting for the final time.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: You have both a cassette and a 7” vinyl record coming out on Ritual Tapes soon. Would it be accurate to say that you like cassettes more than records since you have the full length on cassette? What was the choice behind that, you know, as opposed to putting out the full album on record and then doing a cassingle? Or even just having “This is the Next Part of Your Dream” on both formats? 

GHOST NOISE: We appreciate vinyl records and cassette tapes in equal measure. Cassettes are an accessible, utilitarian medium, forever proletarian in nature. Their simple charms envelope one’s nights like a warm coat on a cold drive. Records possess a vast effulgent glow and sonic luxuriance-- the holy peak of a distant mountain. Circumstances allow what they allow. We have always stood by the both of them. We always will.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: This is my question of the year, so you’ll be among the first to answer it: What is it about music that allows people to go backward, while in other art forms it can be seen as just not acceptable? For example, people would be more likely to go shopping for a record player than a black and white television. 

GHOST NOISE: Nostalgia is beautiful. Nostalgia is poison. Nostalgia is everything.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: “This is the Next Part of Your Dream” is an interesting album title to me because I have some crazy dreams. Will your consequent releases also involve me being the only one who knows what “In Utero” sounds like? (Long dream story, don’t ask—it will be a short story soon enough) 

GHOST NOISE: i would just like to give a shout out to fuckboi jerry garcia from patrick henry middle school i know you stole my scented highlighter and my avatar dvd from my gym locker every time i think of your face my blood BOILS and i break out into HIVES i hope u wake up in cold sweats for years over what youve done. u look like bald carlos mencia mole rat you FUCKER

RAISED BY GYPSIES: You’re from LA, which tends to be hated by a lot of people. I know some people from LA now, I guess, as the more I complain about LA the more people tell me they live there. Would you say that the city is turning around in some ways, was always mistreated or is it just going the way of the nude pregnant Kim Kardashian statue? 

GHOST NOISE: We adore Los Angeles. It is our home. We have seen 1781 with our own eyes. We have felt the future through crystal ruminations. We invite you to experience our city’s magic the way we have. A black-gloved hand is outstretched.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: If you were to embark on a full U.S. tour (which would include Connecticut, because we like music here too and don’t always like going to MA or NY) and you could take any two bands with you—one larger, as a headliner and one smaller as support—which two bands would you pick? 

GHOST NOISE: Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines.

RAISED BY GYPSIES: Final thoughts, questions, concerns, etc… ??

GHOST NOISE: deeper ** deeper // hollow illustrations ▲ hex consent… a shrØud cast upon their fallen hearts §§§§ arctic ascension >>> amidst the agOny of unfaithful constellations ```▲``` the fog dispe®ses 2±2±2 the moonlight remains ////// falling, falling Δ Δ Δ mythic visions // fvlling from grace ♦ ♦ horrors unseen \\ endless resonance \\ ŒNDLŒSS ®ŒSØNANCŒ ]]] every glance, a further descent # astral projections # phases of the m00n // three pairs of furtive eyes scan a haunted horizon >>> as history FADΕS >>> away ▧▧▧ into nothing ~~ an indifferent ocean besieges your ever desperate line of sight ▲ crashing and roaring under a nameless moon christening yr departure // silver wishes gleaming beneath this glØwing empathy, sorrowful against ®ivers awash in clamoring decΕit ---- thrashing into oblivion /// IRØN GΔTES ΔT DΔ\/\/N /// 

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