Friday, August 1, 2014

[Interview #179] Queen Buzz

1)     My son is a huge fan of bees.   Why the name choice of Queen Buzz?
 We had written the song "Workout Machine" before we chose a name for the band and ended up picking the name based on the lyric "She's the queen of the buzz," which is referencing the woman in the song being lonely and using a vibrator. Not the most "child-friendly" story, (our apologies) but the name was chosen because we liked the sound of it, rather than for it being a sex toy reference. We really need to come up with a better story for that.
2)     Following the demo, your self-titled album was released this year.  Are there any plans for a physical release, such as a cassette or record?
We'd love to release a physical copy, as there's a certain magic in tangible copies of music, but at the moment, we're pretty broke.

3)     How is music in the city which is home to C.M. Punk?
It's great! There are amazing venues in Chicago (The Empty Bottle, The Beat Kitchen, The Double Door, The Metro, Schubas, Lincoln Hall to name a few) that showcase a lot of Chicago music. We've been lucky enough to play with some great bands in fantastic these venues. 

4)     Should a lazy dancer even bother dancing?
Haha. Well, they should at least try...

5)     Your sound manages to not be poppy enough to be pop punk, yet it maintains this shoegaze quality where it’s garage but not and not quite grunge either.  Do you think through these various genres of music I like you’re crafting an entirely new sound?   What would you call it?
There isn't a conscious effort to incorporate those various generes. I think that they find their way into the songs from the various influences that each member brings. We have some common interests musically, but all have fairly diverse tastes, which evidently just kind of makes everything sound pretty "90s rock."

6)     If you could tour with any single band, who would you choose and why?
Great question, but not fair to make us choose just one and I'd hate to answer for everyone here, so I'm not going to. Here are each member's three coices:
Dave: The Breeders, The Stooges, or Ty Segall

Brian: Deerhunter, Extra Golden, or Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Chase: Happy Body Slow Brain, City and Colour, or Death Cab for Cutie
Alex: Mac DeMarco, Future Islands, or Tame Impala

7)     Final thoughts, shout outs, pizza places to see before you die, etc…??
             Be a sweetheart. You only get one time around. 

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