Monday, August 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Long Pond “Sinister Farce”

                “Sinister Farce” is my second experience with Long Pond and as per my usual rules I will not go back and check the previous reviews for cheat codes or hints before listening to and reviewing this, the second installment, if you will.    The music of Long Pond on this cassette has a complex simplicity, and while that seems like it shouldn’t be a thing because of the oxymoron is it, Long Pond makes it as such.

                What begins with harmonious tones, drawn out in the way that church bells ring only longer and with more of an ambient feel, takes us into sad strings and then eventually into space.   The word I used to describe this that I like best is celestial, as it does seemingly take you through the sounds of the Milky Way (based on sight).   Even on the second side we experience some of that Masters of the Universe keytar feel, but it still has the underlying space whirrs to the overall tone

                To think of everything as being made up of atoms is perhaps too broad a thought, but if you think of it more as any sort of group or collective bonding together to form a greater whole that is what is happening in this music on “Sinister Farce”.  It sounds a certain way in almost a basic sense, but you have to appreciate the many small facets working together behind the scenes to create it as such.

                As far as the atmosphere goes, when I think about my earlier reference to MOTU, I find that to be somewhat accurate though I don’t ever really remember He-Man going into space.    In fact, for the majority of the animated series I remember watching as a kid (G.I. Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Thundercats, you know the line up), I don’t really remember any of them going into space (Maybe a G.I. Joe episode or two), let alone being set entirely in space.

                For me, “Sinister Farce” represents that forgotten childhood cartoon that was set strictly in space and seemed to have that same animation as G.I. Joe, which you can tell so easily when you see it   It’s like “Biker Mice From Mars” or “Capitol Critters” only, you know, it doesn’t actually exist and you have to reach back into the furthest recesses of your mind in order to create it and visualize it for yourself. 

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