Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Kid Icarus “Dig Archeology: Thirteen Years of Lost Songs 1999-2012” (Hope for the Tape Deck)

                To think that this cassette is thirteen years worth of music is somewhat astounding to me.  On one hand, you have these kids today born in 1994 and whenever and you just think, wow, how young people are when you yourself are a product of the ‘80’s.      At the same time as that though, you have to think that around 1999 (When these songs were first discovered) cassettes began going the way of VHS tapes and for a while after that they really didn’t have much steam.   The first decade of the 21st century in fact doesn’t hold a lot for cassettes, and it wasn’t really until 2011 I’d say that they really started marking their comeback.

                In any case, these songs by Kid Icarus range from acoustic to electric and have all of the rock sounds you’d find in the movie “Losers Take All”, which is just an excellent movie I keep neglecting to review.    It’s fuzzy and like Soul Asylum, but then at the same time a song such as “American Ghosts” channels The Velvet Underground or Bob Dylan.

                There are elements of folk punk in here as well, as I can hear someone like Sledding With Tigers coming out, though based on the year span this would be more likely something that influenced Sledding With Tigers as opposed to the other way around.   And no, I am not just saying that because of the line “I started barfing on my donuts / You didn’t seem too impressed”, though I would buy that on a t-shirt.

                Overall this is just a great piece of rock music that is fortunate enough to be on cassette.  I wouldn’t really think of it as a bootleg or lost and found so much as being a greatest hits release.   I do feel though that the songs were laid out in a manner which did help this to feel more like a fluid release version any sort of compilation though and giving the thirteen years it represents that does say a lot about it as well.

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