Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Johnny DeBlase "Guided Motion" (New Atlantis Recordings)

            To get my first bit out of the way, I always expect Johnny’s last name to be “Dibiase” and as such, I always expect at some point during this cassette to hear that all too familiar laugh followed by “Money money money money money money money money monnnnneeeeeeeeeeeey”.    It seems only fitting for it to be sampled on here somewhere, but apparently that is just me so we’ll move on.

            “Guided Motion” is kind of an exercise in how different motions can create different sounds.   When I was a school aged kid we went to the science museum in Boston and they showed us how a rapid series of pictures can create a moving image.   It is in this way that I feel we break up a series of sounds to create these individual sounds, or to capture motion as sound.

            For the most part, the music contained here within is of the ambient nature as it has that fog drone quality that can easily fill a room, yet stay somewhat haunting and eerie like that movie “The Mist”.   There are very minimal background beeps and some other noises at times, but on the whole this is some whirrs like that Australian instrument I think is called the didgeridoo (Had to spell check that!) and also just a Matrix-like vacuum. 

            There are these little hints of scrambled electronics and tape manipulations in the background, as well as some aggressive winds but this maintains its relaxing quality throughout.  Also, due to the somewhat personal feel I like to think that this cassette has, you are best off listening to this through earbuds/headphones.  The sound itself is big enough to fill a room, as I wrote earlier, but it serves you better to keep it all for yourself.   

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