Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: The Great Crusades “Sometimes on Sundays Too” / Planeausters “Say It’s Over, But It’s Gone” (Boxing Clever Records)

                This is the fourth of four records I received from Boxing Clever, all of which are seven inch splits with a band per side and as was the case with everyone except for A*Star, this is my first time hearing either of these two bands.

                Starting with The Great Crusades, because they are first, this is a solid song by them.   I have to admit I looked them up after listening to this and found some of their videos on YouTube.  I wasn’t really a big fan of their folk sound, but this single here is legit.   It has helped me to want to hear more of their music and consequently all of their songs have come to grow on me now.

                “Sometimes on Sundays Too” is a sort of down south almost bluegrass type of musical sound with those elements of the blue collar rock n roll style of Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band added in for good measure.   As if that isn’t enough to make you want to read the entire works of Hunter S. Thompson, the vocals also bring out the best of Tom Waits and, well, I was sold immediately when he came to mind.

                Planeausters are still in the category of overall rock n roll, sure, but their style is quite different from that of The Great Crusades, though that isn’t to say the two wouldn’t share a stage because further apart musical acts have collaborated before. 

                The sound of Planeausters is something between that commercial rock appeal that The Beatles touched upon and was more recently ripped off by Oasis, but there is also just enough of The Benjamins in here to give Planeausters their own blend.  (Full Discretion: I actually don’t mind the music of Oasis so much, it’s the fact that they sing about being themselves and copying no one else then copy everyone else that bothers me)

                So here you have two bands that might not seem like they go together, but they do, and should I ever see anything about either of them anywhere else again, I will be sure to read it/listen to their music, and in that sense, as a singles club of sorts, Boxing Clever has just done a perfect job.

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