Thursday, July 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Yves Malone “Abysscoteque” / “The ECHO People” / “Zenith City” (Field Hymns)

            I must admit first off that I like this because it is three cassettes packaged together, in an old school book on tapes type of way.    Something about these packages that hold more than two cassettes always gets me feeling nostalgic. 

            These are three cassettes in total, one for each soundtrack, and combined they make for quite an interesting experience.   I could spend forever writing about each specific movie and the music that goes with it, but I instead have decided to just let you listen to these on your own and create your own images for them in your head, so my sci-fi mindset doesn’t necessarily sway your views.

            It must be the year of threes though, as this is the third set of three albums I have reviewed, but unlike the previous two these don’t seem to have to be listened to together or in any sort of order as much.     So this really is more of a collection than a trilogy, and I’m fine with that, but don’t mistake that for my saying that this could exist on its own—they still all need each other.  

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