Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Tree (MOMA 01)

                At some point in time I decided I wanted to listen to and review every release on the Museum of Microcassette Art label, but I’m pretty sure that if I try to do that it might take me longer than I’d expect.   Even if I listen to two of them per day, that would be about sixty days (assuming no new ones were released in that time frame) which is close to two months and that’d be if I was able to actually get to two per day which I probably wouldn’t.

                Never the less, I begin listening to and reviewing Tree just the same, at the 001 spot in the MOMA lineup.    The two tracks (which are 15:37 and 15:36) appear to be Sides A and B and the first of them- “Recordeder”- begins with static air and a minimal sense of things.   There are a decent amount of spoken word audio clips in here as well, which gives off the notion that you are flipping through radio stations.   Through random screaming and demonic bass, you get this almost growling feel before the sonic boom comes and ends the first track.

                The second track, which is live spazz, sounds pretty much like that.   It’s guitar and drums ala Nirvana’s “In Utero” and ZN, but also just all around craziness.   There are these sharp little guitar tings, like when you pluck the very top of the guitar near the tuners and it just has this unexpected feel to it, as if you don’t know what’s going to come next and I love that about it. 

                On one hand, the Side A to this is what many recorded noise projects where as Side B sheds some light on the live side of things.   This is in many ways a good starter to listen to with MOMA because it gives you a sense of what you might expect from the other selections going forward.   Just based on the five that I’ve already reviewed (which are up in the 90s) and the names on here I recognize, I feel certain that this the best place that MOMA could have possibly started.  

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