Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Fiver’s Stereo “Shaman” (MOMA 02)

                One of the first things I did- and always like to do when you have these various artists and such an extensive back catalogue- is look through the names to see if there was anyone I recognized.   Some names I didn’t recognize before, but do now just because I’ve seen them in other places.   Fiver’s Stereo was not one of the names that I recognized until I actually started reading about it because it is an alter ego of sorts of one Jay Peele, who I am familiar with under his given name.

                The first track on this is called “Art Life” and from what I can best gather it’s audio clips from an art show with pieces of Samurai Jack flute and bells dinging put into it to add to the overall feel.   This one particular audio clip tells a story about how the speaker went to see Smashing Pumpkins and was somehow twenty feet away from Billy Corgan while his friend was making fun of him.    The guy was worried that he might get blamed for making of fun Corgan and he was a fan.   There is some sort of moral there about the company you keep.

                As the first side is audio clips, the second side seems to be a live and perhaps improvised session of music.   It’s banging, sci-fi whirrs (which might come from the bowls) and acid jazz type of feels.    There is this one part about sharks being in the water that I’m glad didn’t have me dreaming about sharks.  At another point, it is announced that the trumpet is broken to which the trumpet player questions why it needed to be stated.  

                I feel like I could listen to Jay Peele forever and even if nothing else is taken away from this release- though I do enjoy it ever so much- it has at the very least taught me that Fiver’s Stereo is Jay Peele and that’s always good to know.  

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