Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Modulator ESP “Inner Cosmos” (Fort Evil Fruit)

            These are two tracks, one for each side and it would make up a ninety minute cassette I would assume, though the physical aspect of this is sold out.   We begin with dungeon space, whirrs and fog.   It sounds on many levels like Star Wars and there is a tad of sharp feedback.   Whirring synth becomes apparent alongside those Pink Floyd laser light show lasers. 

            The frequency then changes and it almost becomes alien-like.   There are some tones, some sort of keyboard I believe, before it verges on the 8bit.     It’s sort of this jungle bog feel to it with a helicopter blade rotating rapidly.    Before the first side/track comes to an end, there are some spoken word bits as well.

            Side B opens with that 311 whirrs that starts one of their songs such as “All Mixed Up”.   It then becomes somewhere between Transformers and the MOTU keys mixed with the sounds of car engines revving up.    I can hear Godzilla underwater.  I can feel the soap opera drama synth.   Wookie synth is talking and then we get a little Miami Vice.    There is synthwave near the end and it eventually has an underwater space sound. 

            With this much going on you should be able to find something you like and cling to it, though this whole experience just seems to be quite the adventure.  

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