Monday, July 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Live Through THIS!: A 20 Year Anniversary Tribute To Holes Best Album v/a (Related Records)

            I don’t recall too many tribute albums being dedicated to a specific album.   Usually, they are for an artist, sure, so you get a bunch of bands covering Weezer or Duran Duran, but to have them cover songs of the same band, from the same album and in order is pretty rare, no?   The only other instance I can think of this happening off the top of my head was that “In Utero” tribute from last year.

            Regardless, whether or not you like Hole and whether or not you like any of these bands, you still should be into this.   The first time that I downloaded this and played it, I literally listened to it three times in a row.  

            Some of the highest points of this are the beats filled version of “Violet” by Fancy Pants, which is a great way to kick this off, and the –gaze type feel to the Shadowdive take on “Jennifers Body”.   Treasure Mammal offers up a version of “Doll Parts”, while other Raised by Gypsies favorite Cum Stain tackles “Softer, Softest”.  

            I’m still not sure who the band Lunch is, but their take on “Gutless” is just so rocking.

            Granted, there are some lower points, most specifically Fat Girl Sad’s cover of “Miss World” (Though “Olympia” by Hi My Name Is Ryan could be better, but it could also be a lot worse)

            For an album of twelve tracks, there are at least four, maybe five here you need to experience at least once, no matter how you feel about the bands involved or even Hole.   I really would like to see more tribute albums done in this nature though.  

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