Monday, July 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Becca Parks “Take One” (Captain Crook Records)

                “Take One” was once available as a cassette from Captain Crook Records, but it has since sold out so I am listening to it as a Name Your Price Download.   The music of Becca Parks tends to favor the electric guitar and vocals.   It is in this way that this reminds me of a cross between Lisa Loeb and Mazzy Star.

                Truth be told, when I was in my teens, I went to a record store (Remember Strawberries?) to meet Lisa Loeb and I was one of maybe ten people there at most (Including my mom and sister, who went with me)   So I don’t mention her a negative manner here, even though some people see her as a one hit wonder I tend to see her in a more positive light.

                The songs also do take this more ukulele-acoustic feel, even if it is still just the strumming of the acoustic guitar, and so I definitely think it is unique and great.    My only complaint is that it is a mere five songs and I want more.   So let’s see a full length album from Becca Parks one day, just be sure to save me a copy of the cassette. 

                If you happen to download this, be sure to spend between $5 because that would be a buck a song and “Take One” is worth at least that if not more.  

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