Monday, July 21, 2014

CD REVIEW: prOphecy sun / EMERGE “spirit dream” (attenuation circuit)

                This CD is both a split and collaboration.   It begins with five songs from prOphecy sun, then three from EMERGE and then they come together for the last tracks, 9 through 16. 

                The sound of prOphecy sun is ambient quiet with female vocals.  It’s a lighter Polly Scattergood.   It’s also somewhere between Austra and Everything But the Girl.   I instantly fall in love with it and want to hear more. 

                EMERGE has more of the quiet ambience sound and this is also how most of their joint ventures sound.   What is interesting about this CD is that I know EMERGE has a lot of releases on attenuation circuit, and so this was to be my introduction to EMERGE, yet it also became my introduction to prOphecy sun. 

                I expected to go into this CD and fall in love with the sound of one artist, but instead I fell in love with the sound of two. 

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