Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Bob Bucko Jr. “Crank Spirit” (Personal Archives / 5cm Recordings)

                The first time that I played this cassette through, I had some issues with it cutting in and out.   One of the few problems I have with cassettes (And it’s not really a problem though) is that they are such a good medium to use to fuck with listeners that I never know if what I’m hearing is on purpose or because of the cassette itself or my cassette player.   In this instance, yes I did question whether or not Bob Bucko Jr. was having fun with me (Are you having a laugh?) but after another listen I did realize it was something my cassette player that was quickly fixed.

                “Crank Spirit” is a tribute to the electric guitar, if nothing else.  It opens with some whirring feedback and just gets all out blaring as well.  The riffs sometimes remind me of a slower paced Hendrix, but hey, I’ll take Hendrix at any pace all day.   It’s kind of that “Star Spangled Banner” feel, as I assume everyone has heard that song of his (Hendrix, not BBJr.) from Woodstock.

                Throughout the loud, distorted chords, guitar slides, string scratches and just overall goodness I’m beginning to feel as if the only instrument making an appearance on “Crank Spirit” is an electric guitar.   I might be wrong, and I don’t want to do any discredit, but I really don’t hear anything else.

                At times this does get cleaner (not as distorted, if you will) and that somehow becomes darker in the overall sense of the notes being played.   It also can sound a lot just like a tuning session, which isn’t always bad when it can be done properly and Bob Bucko Jr. nails it.

                I’d be remised if I didn’t mention at least once that parts of this does resemble the guitar work on an album by Nirvana, so I figure I’ll just throw that out there at this, the end of the review, because it’s not that important overall but still needed to be said. 

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