Monday, July 7, 2014

CD REVIEW: Metal Rouge “Three for Malachi Ritscher” (Root Strata)

                The first thing that I wanted to know about this CD is who Malachi Ritscher is and so, assuming he was a musician, I plugged his name into the Bandcamp search engine and oddly enough came up with the CD by NOXAGT called “BRUTAGE”, which was also on my list to listen to and review.   Still not provided with a clear answer though, a search of Google taught me that he set himself on fire as part of an Iraq War protest.   So, if nothing else, this CD has already taught me something and every day you learn something new you are growing.

                At first, the songs on this Metal Rouge CD come off with some notes and slight tings.  There is some kind of hum that is almost like bees but could also be locusts.  It was kind of funny because when I was listening to it, one of my cats got up from the other side of the room and went over and stared down the CD player, as if he was rather disturbed by it.

                There is also some tinny static in here and it reminds me of that old bug zapper sound, which I remember fondly from my youth.   I use terms like rattlesnake fairy dust to describe what I’m hearing, and then it turns into wind chimes.  It intensifies as it goes throughout the second song, but by the third we’re quieter with guitar tuning, distortion and then tones.

                What’s odd to me is that based on the title and knowing what I learned about the titular character, I expected this to sound a bit more like someone setting themselves on fire or at least a song of protest.   Rather to me, it has an end of days feel, much like the Bible predicted, and yet somehow that also just seems rather fitting. 

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