Monday, July 7, 2014

CD REVIEW: BBJr. “Blast the Past” (Personal Archives)

                There are some different sides to BBJr. on this CD, and it is only after I listen to it a few times, scratching down notes, that I read the linear notes and realize that this is what some would call a “Greatest Hits” collection.  It spans various years and releases from BBJr. to give people like me who are just finding out about him a sampling of what his music sounds like and the range he possesses. 

                Some songs have distinctive noise qualities that you can pull from other artists of that nature- the horns, sharp feedback, distortion, the in and out fading.   But at other times this closer to traditional songs and the acoustic harmonies remind me of The Beatles.

                There is this unspoken Phantom of the Opera meets the Mad Hatter vibe on some of these songs, yet some of them also just take a distinct drive into the FNL direction, and you know, no matter what he sounds like I just think we can all agree this is proof that BBJr. is a musical genius. 

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