Monday, July 7, 2014

CD REVIEW: Bag of Bones “Third Dimension”

                My third time hearing Bag of Bones and first time not on cassette, I agree most with the screamo idea, as when there are vocals being sung this can sound like Straylight Run or The Stryder or even Day at the Fair, but when it gets heavier it could be Thrice or As Cities Burn.

                There is also a song on here that is primarily spoken word and that’s a nice way as any to sort of show people your range, so I’m digging it.   It is in that way that this can remind me also of I Am the Avalanche or I Kill Giants.

                Still, despite the great music here one of the most redeeming qualities to Bag of Bones remains the lyrics.   As he so brilliantly states at the end of the first song: “and I’m still standing here / it’s not fair, I wanted happiness / but I’ll settle for whatever feels the closest”.

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